The new project of Cloud Flying Dragon in Longgang Scenic Area has been officially put into use


Longgang Scenic Area as a Karst Landform Scenic Area
It is inevitable to climb a hill and climb a ridge on the way to travel
After cloud covered bridges, cloud flying cars, cloud rainbow swings, etc
A new project has been added to the Longgang Scenic Area - "Flying Dragon on the Cloud"
This project allows tourists to climb slopes and ridges without expending physical energy
You can also take it to the next level and take a look at the small mountains

The "Cloud Flying Dragon", also known as a track climbing vehicle, has a total length of 4.8 kilometers, a speed setting of 5km/h, and a total running time of 40-50 minutes. From Tianhe Square at the bottom of the mountain to the Qixi Tower at the top of the mountain, the climbing car can reach the cloud covered bridge and other places on the way, which also allows tourists to enjoy the magnificent and precipitous Dragon Bowl Scenic Area from another angle.

The track climbing vehicle is controlled by the platform to maintain a stable speed throughout the entire journey
The distance difference between the front and rear of each track climbing vehicle is 50 meters
When the distance between two cars is less than 50 meters, infrared will automatically sense
And automatically stop
The vehicle body is closed to the track on the left and right sides
To protect the safety of tourists during the ride

The track of the climbing car is built along the mountain, like a giant dragon hovering between the steep mountains. During the journey, there is both a gentle and comfortable climbing experience and a thrill of going straight up and down.