Several Points to Pay Attention to in Properly Operating Large Amusement Equipment


The danger of large amusement equipment is usually higher than that of other amusement equipment. Therefore, we must do more safety protection work to ensure that large amusement equipment can operate safely and avoid dangerous situations.

The following points should be noted when operating large amusement equipment correctly

Among them, when operating large-scale amusement equipment, the following five points should be particularly noted:

(1) Look at the applicable age range. General large amusement equipment will indicate the age range applicable to the equipment in the instructions for use, and can be purchased according to the age of the child. This has two main meanings: the large amusement equipment itself is designed for children of that age group; Secondly, it is dangerous for children outside this age group to use this product.

(2) Look at safety warnings. Manufacturers of large amusement equipment may use warning signs to remind them of some hidden risks. After opening the packaging, please dispose of the plastic bag immediately. Non life saving equipment, can only be used in shallow water, not suitable for children under 3 years old, etc. When purchasing and operating large amusement equipment, it is necessary to carefully read the warning signs to avoid the risk of misuse of large amusement equipment.

(3) Look at the expiration date. Some large amusement devices are used within their validity period to avoid using expired products.

(4) See how to use it. Complex large-scale amusement equipment should have detailed usage methods and precautions. Pay attention to this when choosing.

(5) Look at the assembly program diagram. Assembly of large amusement equipment, whether assembled by adults or children themselves, should have an assembly program diagram.